I joined the group in May 2017 after bumping into a friend. I wasn’t a huge crafter by any means. Dipping in and out of crochet and cross stitch since I was about 15. My mother and grandmother could sew, crochet and cook, were very creative people. 

I joined the group because life had become very chaotic and I needed some structure ad a regular hobby. Over the first couple of years the group grew bigger and quite quickly expanding from groups to include monthly retreats. The growth of the Sew and So’s dictated a need to bring some like minded people together and organise the groups, run retreats and undertake workshops. To be honest I cannot remember how I became Chairperson but I have been voted in for another year and until things calm down the steering group remains supportive in the background. Being the Chairperson is lots of fun, I get to hear lots of original ideas from others on what to do with the groups and at retreats. I meet so many lovely people and love socialising with them all. Instead of delivering retreats, organising challenges and more, I now get to deliver Facebook live videos and hopefully we will all come together again soon.

I get particularly overwhelmed by the kind and generous charitable donations made by the Sew and So’s either through funding or wonderful makes. These have included quilts for Linus Project, fundraising makes for the British Legion, book covers for Florence Nightingale nurses and even cat beds and blankets. Some challenges were purely for fun, at times testing the skills and patience of many members of the group. I remember the first ever challenge, which was utilising some old rusty orange curtains to make anything we wanted. The creations were amazing including bags, device holders, animal doorstops and more. 

I craft in many ways depending on my mood, I became a sewer through this group and have been sewing about 2 – 3 years now and have learnt so much. I also love showing others what I have learnt, some of my biggest achievements have been my bags and my quilts. 

I have a wonderful craft space known as the cave, built by myself and a very supportive partner. Full to the brim with machines, fabric and lots of bric a brac and bargains. I find I spend probably too much time in there but it is a 2nd home and home to a little business I have too.  

I currently have several works in progress including a memory quilt, a paloosa bag, a memory bear and too many more to mention. Ideas crowd the brain sometimes and my board on Pinterest are vast lol. I buy most of my fabric from eBay so do not have a particular favourite supplier. If I like it enough I will buy it.

From the past years I would encourage anyone to have a go at something they like the look of, don’t be afraid there is always somebody out there who can help. I did and now there is no looking back just forward. Sewing and the friendships I have made have been my safety net during COVID and other difficult times so thank you everybody.

The Sew and So’s will resume again somewhere over the rainbow….

5 thoughts on “September Blog: Nicola

  1. Elly says:

    You are a great Chair and I love your ‘LIVEs’! The work you and the rest of the team put in behind the scenes is really appreciated and I’m looking forward to retreats again when the world becomes more normal again!

  2. Kate Norman says:

    Nicola, wonderful blog but I think you are selling yourself short. You bring confidence and a sense of achievement to all with your Sew alongs. I wouldn’t miss them and have learned things I didn’t think I was capable of. Many thanks

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