After a conversation had last month where a member asked how did you get into sewing, the answers were too good not to share! It was so lovely to read everyone’s reply, so figured I’d make them anonymous and share them all here!

“My sewing teacher said to me. If you don’t achieve in your life you should continue to sew. I did achieve in my working life and very proud to have been a nurse for 48 years. But in all my travels and changes within my life I’ve continued to Sew.  So that’s my story. I love hearing stories of why people sew.”

“I decided not to return to work in London my eldest, was around 18 months…so I wanted something to focus on in the evenings.  If I had returned I probably wouldn’t have had time.”

“I started sewing because my older son is a very tall boy and aged 2 we had to move him to 4-5 clothes took him to H&M and he started crying because he wanted purple or red trousers and they only had blue and grey and they were boring colours. I looked around the boys section and thought I can do better than this and why shouldn’t my child have fun clothes instead of camouflage and grey. So yeah that’s what started it. I blame H&M”

“I sewed a bit as a teenager – mainly cushion covers and other square or rectangle items. I did make a simple gathered skirt once but my them boyfriend mocked it so much (and actually there was nothing wrong with it) that I soon lost heart. I thought about taking it up again on and off for years but then I watched a tv programme and I was so desperate to recreate the costumes that my passion was reignited. That was about four years ago. It’s been a lot of trial and error and having to take stress walks outside to calm down when it just won’t do what I want 🤯. I’ve watched a LOT of YouTube tutorials. Plus I only really make one type of thing so it’s the same skills over and over.”

“I studied textiles at secondary school, went on to study art and textiles at college with a view to becoming a fashion designer (yep, all true!) got to a fork in my studies and went down the Graphic Design route instead of fashion and that was the last time I touched a sewing machine. My mum bought me “the purple one” around 10 years ago and it sat in its box for 5 years before I plucked up the courage to go on a beginners course and made a tote bag with it. It was then used to make campervan blinds, but went up on the shelf until a Sew and So’s retreat 2 years ago, where I made my first item of clothing for G (he was the reason the machine came down of the shelf)”

“My reason for sewing in the first place, I saw a pattern and liked the look of it so decided to get it and hand sewed it together then got given a machine and sewed the rest of the patterns (trousers top and hat) was hooked, as soon as I smelt the pattern it took me back to helping my nan fold her sewing patterns together.”

“I was hopeless at needlework at school and the teacher delighted in telling me how rubbish I was. I bought a machine years ago to make curtains for an old  caravan we bought but then never did any more. I was so impressed with the beautiful bags I saw being made by you guys that I decided I might give it a go one day. But it was the sewing for the NHS that really got me into it! I have loved making the bags and headbands, but it was the scrubs caps that I’m most proud of, and that’s what had made me believe that I could make something more complicated. I now have the pattern and fabric to make a pair of shortie pyjamas. I’m so nervous! But at the same time can’t wait to start!”

“I joined the weekly groups in December after following the groups news regularly since it began! I was off sick from work and although Scouts keeps me busy l needed something more, just for me.  

Attending the weekly groups gave structure to my week and although l struggled to get out the door, l was always glad l did. However it’s fair to say l came for the social aspect really to start with and only more recently discovered l can sew a bit, sewing for the NHS really spurred me on. 

I think sewing during this time has been a massive support for me, it’s given me a focus and helped me to have structure in my day.   

I’m now looking at trying new projects and await the delivery of parcels with excitement as l have to confess.. l’m a sewaholic”

“My journey into crafting started with a chance meeting with another member at a mutual friends house. This led to meeting with the Sew n So’s on Thursday mornings. I always enjoyed sewing tho I’m still learning from the group. Another friend was an original member of the Scan n Cut group so I joined her there and she joined us at sewing. Great cross fertilisation! 

I find the group very supportive and have introduced my younger daughter, she has also embarked on the sewing lark as has her daughter. Very infectious but enjoyable pastime not to mention expensive.”

Thank you to all you lovely ladies, sharing your short stories.

It would be great if any of you reading felt comfortable sharing how you came to start crafting. Perhaps it was many years ago alongside a family member, or maybe you’re new to crafting and are learning during this lockdown! 

Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Meisha x

4 thoughts on “Meisha’s Mid-Month Musings – June

  1. Fiona says:

    My mum taught me to knit when I was 6 and I’ve been doing it in and off ever since. After all these years I’m still just as slow and awkward looking as when I learned! 😂

  2. Kate Norman says:

    Love the blog Meisha and enjoy the quiz even if I get the answers before you ask the question! Learning a lot since I joined the group especially from Nicola on Saturdays.

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