So here goes, the first blog entry for the year. I’m not a natural writer at all, I’m more intrigued to hear about everybody else’s journeys. I thought it best to do the first month though as January’s that weird month after Christmas/New Year.
My crafting journey (sewing to be precise) started in school. I found it boring and really disliked my teacher at the time! I believed I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I still struggle with my imagination, when it comes to starting something.
My husband bought me a machine 4 years ago, to make baby clothes for my first daughter. Somehow, too many babies later I’ve never found the time or funds to do it! So I decided to start making something that was quick, simple, relatively low cost and could be done with scraps…

My first bunting

Recent bunting

It’s an ongoing joke, if you attend the meet ups in the week, that I never make anything else (which is kind of true).  I think bunting is great for beginners as you can try different tools and techniques to make it. I found I gifted a lot for birthdays in order to practice. 
Fast forward 4 years and yes I still make bunting.  I like to see the results quickly and can usually make some in an evening! (Child dependent)
This group has been a great help and given me the confidence I need to try different things. I’ve become acquainted with my machine (and nearly the overlocker too).  I’ve met some lovely people. I love watching people share on the Facebook page. Looking at peoples journeys is so inspiring, it’s lovely to see people grow and learn alongside everyone.
My go to shop at the moment is ‘Twig and Tale’, their patterns are so lovely, and one day I WILL attempt to do something from their website. 
My favourite thing I’ve made, other than bunting, was dresses for my daughters, I loved making them and they were super easy!

Peasant dresses

My to do list this year… make a start on 3 single bed quilts! Inspired by Val Wild.
If I were to be stranded on a desert island I’d take my overlocker.  That way I’d be forced to learn to use it and thread it myself, without asking Sally Stocker! Or I could just take Sally with me too…
Thanks for reading, Meisha x