Hi Cydney!

What is your “go to” craft? (Do you do any other crafts in your spare time? Why is it your favourite?)

I suppose my go to craft is what I do day to day, which is floral design! Other than that I had a go at crocheting during my pregnancy, gave me something to do, and made a couple of blankets which I still use to this day! 

When did you first give it a go and realise hey, I’m pretty darn good? (Did somebody teach you, where were you, what did you first produce?)

I’ve always been a creative type and like getting hands on with arts and crafts, my trouble is I’m not very patient so I couldn’t stick to one thing even though I’ve had interests in many different crafts over the years. I always knew that I wanted to do something creative for a living so, when I’d hit a bit of a fork in the road I searched for vocational courses to gain a new skill and get back into the workforce. I found a nearby florist course back in 2016 and I instantly fell in love with floristry from there. There’s something magical about getting your hands on nature and working with such beautiful materials that nature grew.

You’re fab at what you do, and run a business now, tell us more about Flourish.

Thank you! So I established Flourish just under a year ago, in March 2019. It was one week before Mother’s Day and my freelance job at the time didn’t work out, so I decided to try my luck, put myself out there and posted on social media that I was making bouquets for Mother’s Day. I was overwhelmed with orders and earned more in one day than I would’ve done all week in my freelance job. So it was definitely the right decision! Haven’t looked back since.

Who or what has been your inspiration, proudest moment?

To be honest I’m proud of myself every day because every day brings a new challenge. It’s a constant learning curve and I’m just getting better at improving my skill with each day that goes by. As for inspiration, social media and Pinterest is a great space for finding inspiration within the craft industry, whatever that may be seek out those who are similar to you and inspire each other 

Describe your craft space in 3 words.

Work in progress!

Any words of encouragement for a beginner crafter?

Just go for it! I always like to encourage others to find their passion / hobby, and the only way to do that is to try different things. If you have a calling, follow that and see what happens!

What are you working on at the moment?

What am I not working on?! Haha I’ve just launched a website and now have a pop up flower bike shop outside High Wycombe station which has been a vision of mine for years, years before I even did a course in floristry. I suppose my next big goal is getting a workshop. I’m currently working from home / a local coffee shop and am outgrowing it very quickly. 

Feel free to add any more information, any plans for the year? 

Ah this year is already looking to be amazing! I’ve just done my first wedding of the year and have 9 more booked in so far already. Ive got a handful of collaborative bridal shoots planned to build my portfolio, and is also a great way to network with like minded people in the creative wedding industry. I’ll also be doing my first wedding fair at Ascot with County Wedding Fairs to gain a bit of exposure. So much has happened in such a short space of time so I’m excited to see how much more it evolves.

Thanks Cydney.