Each month as a group we set crafty challenges, these usually focus around a charitable cause. These are intended to be small fun projects, incorporating multiple different crafts, accessible to all. We encourage members to join in, using scraps or donated material/wool, there will be little to no cost involved in these challenges and where possible the group will provide items that may be needed. 
We have our own Sew & So’s labels which we can sewn into each charitable donation. If you would like any please let us know. Help and support is available throughout the challenges, take pictures and share the outcome at the end of the month, we will collect the items at a meet up and send over to the beneficiary. 
Try something new, or brush up on existing skills when undertaking a challenge. Maybe you’ve had a craft block and need motivation, the challenges are a great way to get back into a hobby, while seeing quick results and bringing joy to somebody else.