My go to craft is crochet, I’m self taught, actually learned from a really old book without any pictures. I used to sneak the wool from the brownies cupboard at home, and learn by torchlight when I was meant to be asleep. I was about 7. I started with a granny square, and pretty soon had a whole blanket. I didnt crochet again until about 5 years ago, when I was forced to take annual leave in a huge block, I found a great blog called “Repeat Crafter Me”, this lady made hats, so I made hats – too many hats! 
A cow, a pig, a bunny, a minion, a dog, a strawberry… It just seems to come easily, I can usually work out a pattern and know what it’s asking, and have often helped others with this. I can also knit, I was taught as a very small child by a really really really old lady called Mrs Rain. She bribed me to learn with cherry tomatoes!! (Yep, I’ve always been strange!)
More recently I’ve added sewing to the mix, and am currently learning to cut stuff up, and sew it back together. Crochet however is definitely my favourite. I can and do take it everywhere. Always when travelling in the car, especially when going on holiday. Since we usually go on fishing holidays, it’s a great way to pass the time, I’m not a traditional sunbather. 
I’ve made many things; my absolute favourite but by far the least difficult of these is, Minion Bruce. As a bit of a laugh he got taken on a holiday, and was photographed in various different places. The other holidaymakers, and campground staff helped – a great little icebreaker that meant language stopped being a barrier. 
I love making things, but have no where to keep what I make, so most are given as gifts. If you’ve not had something yet, it’s likely only a matter of time! Where possible I make birthday and Christmas gifts and often these have been made on one of my holidays. One year it was scarves, another year it was cushion covers. I’ve lost count of all the things I’ve made!
My most recent gift was an octopus, which was made for the young lad who is my deputy at work. He actually gave me a hug, his mum said he doesn’t even hug her! It’s this that makes me continue to make things and give them away. I’m currently learning interdimensional crochet. So lots of unpicking, redoing, unpicking, redoing… You get the gist. I’ve recently finished a Harry Potter amigurumi (that’s soft toys)
There are so many things that I want to make. I need to retire now, to have any chance, but I’ve still got at least 20 years before that becomes a reality, lucky really I can crochet while I do other things.
– Emily Harmon

6 thoughts on “April Blog: Emily

  1. Kate Norman says:

    Emily, other crafters journeys fascinate me. Yours is particularly interesting as you started so young.
    I wish that I could crochet as well as you do.

    • Allison Johnson says:

      Can’t believe you are self taught Emily. The things you make are lovely and this makes me want to try harder to master the craft.

  2. Chris Dawe says:

    Quick walk through your life, great. Mine similar mum taught me 2 knit very young, sent 2 a school to become a seamstress, left & became a secretary but have my profession as a hobby & met all u lovely people xx

  3. Jackie Powell says:

    Your sense of humour comes through all that you make Emily. Your the Go To Lady for crocheting. Great blog, well done. X

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